Bringing a book into the world is a lot like having a baby.

It starts with something small and fragile but full of life. It grows too big to contain, you just have to bring it into the world. And then come the years of helping it become all that it has the potential to be.

And finally, there is the letting go of control, the release of attachment, the understanding that this thing that began as part of you now has a life all its own.

When we bring children into the world, we hope and believe that the world will be better for their presence.

And so it is with a book.

My gift to myself with the launch of Just Blow It Up is to make a commitment to back this book with everything I believe in, everything it stands for.

  • That we are all, truly, unlimited and therefore need not live limited lives.
  • That being unlimited, we have the ability to work miracles in the world – big miracles and small, cumulative ones.
  • That being unlimited, giving does not deplete the giver, but adds to their wealth.
  • That being unlimited, accepting does not demean the recipients, but adds to their ability to give.
  • That when we invest in our dreams, we invest in the dreams of others. Because every dream realized is a shining example of the dreams that can come true.

I want to include all of you in this vision, and give you the opportunity to contribute to it and influence it.

Which is why, on the day of her launch and at least once per month for the next year, we will have designated BOGO Donation Days. On these days, your purchase of Just Blow It Up will not only give you the foundation for blowing up your walls and bringing your dreams to life – it will also put someone else a step or two closer to seeing their dreams come true.

These donations come out of my earnings on books sales – but it isn’t me “giving back” or “paying it forward.” It’s just me doing something I find joy in doing, and asking you to join me if it gives you joy as well.

The first BOGO Donation Day will be the day Just Blow It Up launches – April 2, 2013.  Since that is Children’s Book Day here in the United States, and since I know how children who spend time in Children’s Hospital rooms need an engaging, uplifting message to brighten their stay, Sound Wisdom and I are partnering to donate copies of Wink the One-Eyed Wonder Dog to Children’s Hospitals.

Read the story of Wink, who may have been a “reject” as a pure-bred French Poodle but turned out to be “Worth a Million” to people everywhere, and his Momma Annette, and you’ll see why this little book will brighten the day of  any child who is living with a medical challenge.

If you want to expand your life to be part of Just Blow It Up‘s BOGO Movement you can JOIN THE STREET TEAM, or just subscribe for updates!